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We've changed our look

We've changed our look

Distilling Coastal Spirits

We recently moved from our home in Saintfield to our new Distillery in Donaghadee. A move that has always been on the horizon, but that was made real when we entered The Copeland Distillery for the first time at the start of June.

With our distillery set to open this August to the public, we are working hard behind the scenes ensuring we're ready for this next chapter. Part of this work has involved the recent revamp of our look.

We've journeyed from field to bottle across the county to make our way back to our rightful home here on the coastline of Northern Ireland.

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From The Copeland Distillery

Along with our new distillery comes our new logo, which represents everything we are about.

We've incorporated the core elements of our brand into our logo so that each time you see Copeland you feel connected to our values and our vision.

TCD-Roundel-Navy-Copper - Copeland Spirits

The middle design element of our logo was inspired by an original map of Northern Ireland, that dates back to the 1700s.

The map clearly details the Copeland Islands, or as they were once referred to as 'Copland Isles', in the top right corner. Next to the islands is a beautifully detailed compass that drew our eye in from the first glance. (See below)

We felt that the concept of a compass was very fitting to represent this next chapter of our journey and felt compelled to include this.

The remaining elements of our logo further represent our connection to the coast and The Copeland Islands and overtime we know these will develop along with us. But for now, it's time to start telling our story and we hope you will join us!

Experience history unfold with Copeland, be wild and drink remarkable.

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