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Smugglers Reserve Rum

A blend of Dark rum from Barbados and rum distilled in Donaghadee. The Barbados rum has been aged in Kentucky bourbon barrels and the Copeland rum aged in a mixture of French Pinot Noir wine and Quarter Bourbon casks and blended in a ratio of 90:10, bourbon to Pinot Noir.

Inspired by the clandestine smuggling activities that took place along the Copeland Islands in the 18th and 19th centuries.

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40% ABV

Overproof Rum

A marriage of sourced heavy pot-still rum from Barbados and new-make rum distilled in Copeland, matured in American bourbon first-fill barrels and Pinot Noir barrels and blended in a ratio of 50% bourbon and 50% Pinot Noir.

A rum for any rum connoisseur, it's smooth enough to drink neat over ice. Or use as a base for a luxurious rum cocktail.

Inspired by the events of 14th August 1815, when the brig ‘Andrew Savage’, originally from Portaferry, ran aground on the Briggs reef off Groomsport on its way back from Belfast Bay, Antigua, loaded with rum.

57.2% ABV

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