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Northern Irish Gin

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Copeland Classic Irish Gin

Winner of the Best Contemporary Gin Trophy at the International Wine & Spirits Competition, 2022. A taste of Donaghadee, our Traditional Irish Gin uses 12 carefully selected organic and fair wild botanicals including Pine Needles, Peppercorn, Orange Peel, Lemon Peel and locally sourced flora from the local islands including Sea Pink Maritima.

Embracing the tales of old smugglers and savage ocean battles in each sip, experience history unfold with this coastal inspired spirit. And for the perfect serve, head over to our cocktail page.

45% ABV

Jones 1778 Navy Strength Gin

A unique, award-wining Navy Strength gin. Produced in honour of Captain John Paul Jones’s victory in the battle of the Copelands we have released one of our strongest and rarest spirits. Our award-winning Irish gin is aged in Kentucky bourbon casks for 120 days and Oloroso sherry casks for 20 days, giving this gin a hint of bourbon, spice from the sherry and a natural caramel colour.

Probably the best gin and tonic you'll ever have.... garnished with a slice of apple.

57% ABV

Raspberry & Mint Gin

Copeland Raspberry & Mint Gin is a unique premium flavoured gin, distilled using locally sourced whole raspberries and mint leaf. The raspberry delivers a sweet twist and the mint a spicy finish.

Bottled at 37.5% ABV you can enjoy this as a classic G&T, garnished with raspberries and a sprig of mint, or use as a base for a summer gin cocktail. Have a look at how to make a Gin Smash on our cocktail page.

37.5% ABV

Rhuberry Gin

Distilled with locally sourced rhubarb and blackberries, Copeland Rhuberry Gin is a 'proper' gin - juniper-forward, 37.5% alcohol with a hint of sweetness from natural fruit.

Superb in a classic gin & tonic, garnished with a blackberry and lemon peel or enjoy in a tall champagne glass, topped up with prosecco. Head to our cocktail page to find out more great serves.

37.5% ABV

Sir Samuel Kelly Gin

The Sir Samuel Kelly lifeboat was key to Donaghadee's history, most noteabley the Princess Victoria disaster in 1953. This limited release was specially produced to raise £10,000 for the restoration of this iconic lifeboat

40% ABV

What is Gin?

Gin has seen a surge in popularity in recent years, with all manner of flavours and styles being introduced to the market. Gin is made from grain alcohol and to be recognised as a ‘gin’ must have juniper berries as it’s predominant flavour and be 37.5% alcohol by volume or higher. If it doesn’t taste of juniper or is below 37.5% ABV it isn’t gin! Other than juniper berries, you can use any number of botanicals to make the gin to your specific tastes. The process to make gin is similar to vodka, but whereas vodka is tasteless, gin is all about the flavour! How is Copeland Irish gin different? Our Irish gin has unique flavours and scents, due to our combination of 12 wild and fair botanicals including a small flower from the nearby Copeland Islands, Sea Pink Maritima.

Copeland Irish gin is not just award winning; it is almost perfect! Scoring an Outstanding Gold award with 99/100 points, from the IWSC, International Wine & Spirit Competition, in 2022 and also won the best contemporary gin trophy. I guess that means it’s the worlds’ best gin for 2022!. Copeland gin distillery offers a range of unique and distinct gins to suit novice gin drinkers and gin connoisseurs alike.

Our Traditional Irish Gin

This is the trademark and pride of the Copeland gin distillery, wining awards from the IWSC and a Gold medal at the Gin Masters in 2021, which is the most prestigious and highly regarded blind taste competition in the industry. With its traditional juniper taste and use of navel oranges as our main citrus botanical, our Irish gin only needs your favourite tonic and twist of orange peel for a perfect G&T!

Jones 1778 Navy Strength Gin

Made in honour of the US Navy captain John Paul Jones’ victory in the battle of Copelands, this is anavy strength gin made to turn heads! This extra strong 57% ABV gin is produced by aging our Irish gin in Kentucky bourbon casks for 120 days, then a further 20 days in an Oloroso sherry cask. This is truly a unique and special gin for a gin and tonic, garnished with a slice of apple. Taste the authentic Copeland navy strength gin for yourself!

Raspberry and Mint Gin

Looking for something a little different and refreshing for those summer weekends? The Raspberry and Mint Copeland Irish gin still retains the hallmark juniper taste, with a twist. All of the fruits used are locally sourced, giving you a true taste of Northern Ireland.

Rhuberry Gin

Our Rhuberry gin is truly beautiful – a blend of rhubarb and blackberry gives a sweet twist to the traditional juniper-based alcohol. Using locally sourced fruit,,this is another great summer drink to introduce to your favourite tonic. It even works great with lemonade, garnished with lemon peel and a blackberry.

Why is Copeland gin the one to buy?

Coming from small and humble beginnings, Copeland distillery started its journey in 2016. Our mission was to make great tasting spirits, with flavour profiles which surprise and delight. We hope you agree! Grab get yourself a bottle to see for yourself! Have a question? Don’t hesitate to contact us at info@copelanddistillery.com or 028 9162 4000, today!

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