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It's Our 5th Birthday!

It's Our 5th Birthday!

A message from Gareth, our managing director:

Wow! I can’t believe it’s been 5 years since we first launched the ginfusions – some mornings I still have to pinch myself coming into the new distillery and seeing what we’ve achieved in such a short space of time.

It’s still incredible to think that you and our other amazing Crowdfunders pledged over £30,000 to get our Rhuberry and Raspberry & Mint gins to market, with all of your names now pride of place in the middle of the distillery. And more recently, our 125 Cask Club members have now joined the history of the Distillery and backed our expansion into whiskey production.

We are proud to have now expanded our product range with 4 gins, Rhuberry, Raspberry and Mint, Irish Gin and Jones 1778 Navy Strength Gin. We launched a rum range in the middle of the Covid pandemic and are now one of only three distilleries in Ireland producing rum. Most recently our Bordeaux Grand Cru limited edition rum which we hope you have had a chance to try before all bottles are snapped up.

We love being a part of the community and want to put Donaghadee and the distillery on the map. We are very excited to have brought Whiskey production to Donaghadee and recently launched Merchants’ Quay Blended Irish whiskey in 2019. 

There is so much history in the area and our products not only taste great but each of them tells as story about the myths and geography of County Down and the Copeland Islands. You’ll need to wait until 2024 for the first of our single pot stills to mature (but we have tried some and trust us, it’s worth waiting for).

The future is looking really bright for the distillery – we’re hiring more and more staff each year, we’re increasing stockists all the time and are working hard on increasing our exports into the US, Asia and across Europe.

None of the early mornings, late nights, weekend tradeshows or 14 hour weekdays over last 5 years would have been worth it without all of you supporting what we’ve been doing and buying our gins, rums & whiskey. We have one simple ask: tell your friends, tell your local bar or restaurant and ask for us at your nearest supermarket! And don’t forget to pop in for a coffee when you’re next in the area ????

To mark our 5 year celebration and thank you, we wanted to give you a discount on our online shop!

Sign up to an online account and get 25% off all of our products as well on the website when you spend over £100.

Use code WEARE5 to redeem your discount. 

*Offer available for one week only from 3rd to 10th of November*

Thanks again for all your support and enjoy your online shopping!

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