What a Natural Infused Gin Looks Like.

What a Natural Infused Gin Looks Like.

What a Natural Ginfusion Looks Like

When Founder of Copeland Gin, Gareth Irvine, started to explore the alcohol industry with a particular focus on the gin market, he decided he wanted to redefine the consumption of gin in a way that would combine the old with the new and in a way that would support other local businesses in the area and promote sustainability in Northern Ireland. He knew he would have to create something totally unique, a gin that would speak for itself and a gin that he felt would represent his values and the values of those who were to consume it. Being a Northern Irish born and bred entrepreneur, who grew up surrounded by green fields and plenty of spuds, Gareth decided to infuse local fruits from the fields and hedgerows of Country Down to create a gin that would surprise and excite through various flavour combinations. But to also create a gin that would help our farmers remain sustainable and innovate in more ways than just gin.

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What this meant however was that Gareth was committing to a process that would use only locally sourced, hand-picked, fresh fruits and nothing else to create a gin-fusion product that had not been done before in Northern Ireland.

Now, if anyone has ever tried to make a fruit infused gin, you will know it’s not as easy as simply squeezing a few berries into a G&T glass and adding tonic. Would you believe there is a lot of cooking, macerating, sieving, filtering, measuring, testing.. trialling (probably the best bit) and of course analysing. You could say it’s like one big science project. Our infusion process is continuously developing and improving to bring you the best flavour combinations and premium handcrafted gin from Copeland.

But what this process does mean is that our gin is completely natural and doesn’t include any chemicals, additives, colourings, sugars or any of those E-numbers you’re told to avoid growing up. Our gin is a full bodied, 37.8% traditional juniper forward gin with subtle flavours that are produced by infusing only the highest quality fruits from County Down, Northern Ireland. The colours you see are natural, the flavours your taste are natural, the smell you inhale is natural … our gin is so natural we even state on the back of the bottle, “Don’t worry if there’s a little sediment, it’s just fruit.”

So, what does a natural gin fusion look like?

All three bottles you see below show our from our 2018 Batch No.1 Winter Limited Edition Spiced Apple and Blackcurrant Gin. The first bottle is a 2 day infusion, the second bottle one month's infusion and the third an entire two months of infusion. All three gins are 37.8% and all three gins have the natural flavour of spiced apples and blackcurrants. The difference between the three bottles is intensity of colour and intensity of taste. But what makes them all the same is the natural ingredients, process and taste in each sip. Which bottle would you choose?

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