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Copeland Distillery Tote Bag

10z heavy premium tote bag. Perfect for trips to the beach or the shops!Produced in collaboration wi..


Copeland Distillery Cocktail Shaker

Copeland's cocktail shakers are a must for making cocktails at home! Ready to start your mixology se..


Copeland Old Fashioned T-shirt

Introducing our limited edition Merchants' Quay old fashioned t-shirt design for all those whiskey l..


Copeland Dolphin T-Shirt

Introducing our limited edition dolphin t-shirt design for all those gin lovers out there!Perfect fo..


Donaghadaquiri T-shirt

Smuggling rum and tobacco through the Copeland Islands was daily life for hundreds of years. This ne..


1778 Jones Navy Strength Gin 5cl Mini

Introducing Jones 1778 Navy Strength Gin. In honour of US Navy Captain John Paul Jones's victory in ..


Copeland Irish gin 5cl Mini

Enjoy a sample of our award-winning Irish gin, winner of the 'Best Contemporary Gin Trophy' at ISWSC..


Copeland Merchants' Quay 5cl Mini

Our unique blend of three different whiskeys - grain whiskey, double and triple distilled malt whisk..


Copeland Smugglers' Reserve Rum 5cl Mini

Inspired by the smuggling through the Copeland Islands during the 18th & 19th century,..


Rhuberry Gin Mini

Our Rhuberry gin tastes junipery like a gin, with hints of rhubarb and blackberry. Distilled using l..


Copeland Nosing Glass

This glass is used in distilleries to nose any newly concocted spirits and is the nosing glass favou..


Copeland Postcard

Vintage Donaghadee postcards brought back to life...


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