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Raspberry & Mint Gin

Our Raspberry & Mint Gin tastes junipery like a gin, with hints of raspberry & mint. Distill..


Rhuberry Gin

Our Rhuberry gin tastes junipery like a gin, with hints of rhubarb and blackberry. Distilled using l..


Bar 1661 Cocktail Menu Book

This isn’t just a cocktail menu; it’s a journey through time. Bar 1661 celebrates all things Ir..


Copeland Distillery Hoodie - Grey

Copeland Distillery Hoodie, perfect for the cooler winter evenings or long walks along the coast...


1778 Jones Navy Strength Gin 5cl Mini

Introducing Jones 1778 Navy Strength Gin. In honour of US Navy Captain John Paul Jones's victory in ..


Copeland Irish gin 5cl Mini

Enjoy a sample of our award-winning Irish gin, winner of the 'Best Contemporary Gin Trophy' at ISWSC..


Copeland Merchants' Quay 5cl Mini

Our unique blend of three different whiskeys - grain whiskey, double and triple distilled malt whisk..


Copeland Smugglers' Reserve Rum 5cl Mini

Inspired by the smuggling through the Copeland Islands during the 18th & 19th century,..


Copeland Distillery 5 Panel Cap

Brave the cold sea breeze with a Copeland Distillery 5 panel cap.*one size*..


Copeland Distillery Hip Flask

Introducing our bespoke engraved Copeland Distillery Hip flask. ..


Copeland Rum T-Shirt - grey

Smuggling rum and tobacco through the Copeland Islands was daily life for hundreds of years. This ne..


Túath whiskey glass, set of 2

Our inconic Túath glasses aren't just for nosing and tasting, but those social moments that make Cop..


Old Fashioned Glasses, set of 2

Our old fashioned vintage glasses are perfect for cocktails or simply drinking your favourite spirit..


Beer Glasses

Finish off your glasses set with these stunning 1910 Stemmed Beer glasses in a pack of two.Read Our ..


Coupe Glasses, set of 2

These retro Coupe glasses hark back to the early 20th century with their vintage etching making them..


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