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A bottle of Copeland Distillery Rhuberry Gin

Rhuberry Gin

Our Rhuberry gin tastes junipery like a gin, with hints of rhubarb and blackberry. Distilled using locally sourced County Down fruits, this gin is perfect for anyone looking for a hint of sweetness in their gin.

70cl | 37.5% ABV.

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How It's Done

We use only the highest quality rhubarb and blackberries from local farms in County Down, ensuring they're fresh when they arrive in the distillery. We soak the rhubarb, blackberries and other botanicals in alcohol for 16-24 hours, then transfer to the pot of the 300L copper column still,  adding additional fruit and botanicals. Then we begin distillation.

Once we've distilled the infused gin, we add water to bring it down to 37.5%, rest for two weeks before hand bottling and labelling.

How To Enjoy It

This gin is perfect for a gin & tonic, garnished with a blackberry and a piece of lemon peel. Or add a small measure, together with sugar syrup and lemon juice to a glass of Prosecco. Head to our Cocktail section to see the recipe. 

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