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Northern Ireland Distilleries

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What is a distillery?

The term distillery has often been used synonymously with the word brewery. Whereas the two are completely different. Breweries make beer, and distilleries make hard liquor. Copeland distillery creates several high-quality hard alcohols such as gin, rum and whiskey. We are an award-winning whiskey distillery, winning the IWSC Silver award in 2021.

Why is Copeland Distillery the best distillery in Northern Ireland to visit?

Being one of the few Northern Ireland distilleries, we have a unique position on the market. Blending the traditions of distilleries based in Ireland, with a British twist. This pairing has made us one of the most popular Northern Ireland distilleries to visit. No matter if you are a gin, rum or whiskey drinker, there is something for you. Each tour guides you around the distillery, offering taste tests of our award-winning liquor. You will learn more than just how a Northern Ireland whiskey distillery makes top quality spirits, but the history behind it. Rum was smuggled through Northern Ireland, and you will learn of some of the tales of high-profile contraband seizure. Our tours take you straight to the middle of the action, standing on the distillery floor, surrounded by copper stills. Although we are proud of being a top-quality whiskey Distillery based in Northern Ireland, we have taken traditional methods, mixed with modern distillation, to create award winning gin too!

What makes Copeland Distillery different?

Copeland is situated very close to the capital, only 20 miles outside of Belfast. The name comes from the Copeland Islands that are situated across the water. The story of Copeland Distillery was decades in the making, and each step has been infused into the spirits we make. Our Smuggler’s Reserve Overproof rum is based on the history of the area. In August 1815 ‘The Andrew Savage’ beached near Groomsport, coming back from Antiqua. These details are important to each and every spirit we produce, and that is what makes Copeland Distillery different. Mixing Caribbean and Irish botanicals to create something truly unique. This is just a taste of what you can learn by visiting our Northern Ireland distillery.

Why visit a Northern Irish distillery?

Gin requires botanicals to create unique flavours, and a lot of the botanicals used in our gin is locally foraged, creating an Authentic Irish taste. Not only is the distillery something that needs experiencing to understand, it also has picturesque views of the Copeland Islands. The history of Northern Ireland is rich and expansive, so much more than just the beautiful countryside. We aim to truly represent the history of hard alcohol production, and the events that led up to it. Come taste some of the most unique flavours, and learn why Northern Ireland was such a huge part of the Caribbean rum trade.

Why visit our Northern Irish distillery?

Copeland’s journey began in 2016, and has grown fast. We believe the best taste shouldn’t cost the Earth, and that the history of whiskey distilleries in Northern Ireland is important. Book your visit online, email us at info@copelanddistillery.com or call on 028 9162 4000. Reserve your space, today!

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