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Copeland Gin & Tonic

Everyone knows how to make a great gin & tonic… right? The key ingredient is the gin – of course – but the choice of garnish is critical to enhancing the botanical flavours in the gin so choose wisely! As well as 11 other botanicals, we use unwaxed Naval oranges as the main citrus element in our Irish gin, caramelising them and adding them to our botanical basket as part of the gin distillation process. So naturally, we recommend orange peel as the garnish for our Irish gin & tonic, to bring out the citrus flavour.

We macerate our 12 botanicals in ethanol for 16-24 hours, then transfer to the pot of the 300L copper column still and add additional orange slices and botanicals. Then we begin distillation.
And the experience wouldn’t be as good without the use of your favourite glass. We like a highball glass as the long, narrow shape allows space for plenty of ice, to keep your G&T cooler for longer) and the smaller surface area keeps your mixer fizzier for longer. But a Copa glass is good too.

A great gin & tonic is all about ratios and we like a ratio of 1 part gin to 3 parts Indian tonic. Any Indian tonic is good but if you’re drinking a great gin, treat yourself to a quality tonic water.
Fill your highball glass with ice, pour in Copeland Irish gin and add your tonic. Simply slice off a long piece of orange peel and add to the G&T. Sit in your favourite spot and enjoy…..


50 ml Copeland Irish Gin
150 ml good quality Indian Tonic
Garnish with orange peel

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