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Gin Bellini

Nothing cheers you up more than a glass of prosecco, so imagine a prosecco and fruit flavoured gin Bellini! Invented in Harry’s Bar in Venice, a Bellini is typically made with a sweetened fruit puree or fruit liqueur but we love to make ours with our Rhuberry gin. Perfect for a classy cocktail to impress your party guests.

Rhuberry gin is distilled with rhubarb and blackberries which we source from farms in County Down, making sure they’re fresh when we use them to make our gin. The result is a tangy, slightly sweet gin with heaps of juniper taste which is perfect for adding to your favourite gin cocktails. Unlike some other flavoured ‘gins’ which are actually sweet gin liqueurs and around 20% alcohol, our ginfusions are 37.5% alcohol, juniper-forward and most definitely gins!

To make the Bellini, you’ll need to sugar syrup. You can buy it from most supermarkets but it's really easy to make at home; just heat 100ml of water and 200g of caster sugar in a saucepan until the sugar dissolves then leave it to cool. You can make the syrup in advance, just when you’re bored(!) and store it in a jug in the fridge – it keeps for several weeks.

Squeeze the juice from one large or two smaller lemons. Pour 25ml of the lemon juice into a champagne flute glass together with 10ml of the sugar syrup. Add 50ml of our fabulous Copeland Rhuberry gin and top up with prosecco.



50 ml Copeland Rhuberry Gin
25 ml Fresh Lemon Juice
10 ml Sugar Syrup
Topped off with Prosecco

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