Raspberry & Mint Gin - Copeland Spirits
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Raspberry & Mint Gin

Copeland Raspberry & Mint Gin was the second of our infusion creations to be welcomed to the Copeland Flagship Range. Infused in the same manner as our Copeland Rhuberry we infuse handpicked raspberries and mint with our own premium gin for 8 days, and nothing else. The result is a smooth, yet zingy, fruit forward Irish gin. Our Raspberry & Mint

The botanicals we use in our base gin have been carefully selected to compliment the local fruit botanicals which we source from the elds of County Down, with every bottle traceable back to that local farmer.

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Raspberry & Mint Gin - Copeland Spirits

Tasting Notes


Upfront raspberry fruit with subtle juniper and background mint and coriander.


Sweet raspberry with pronounced juniper and cinnamon, finishing fresh with lively red fruit and a hint of mint.

Cocktails using Raspberry & Mint Gin

Our Process

Raspberry & Mint Picking

The raspberries and mint used in our smooth infusion are carefully hand-picked by farmer Finlay before being transported to our distillery.

Stewing & Maceration

Similarly to our Rhuberry Gin, the freshly picked raspberries are stewed in our water on a low to medium heat before being macerated and added to one of our stills for infusion along with our fresh mint leaf.


Our Raspberry and Mint gin is infused for a total of 8 days and follows the two day stirring process in suit with our Rhuberry Gin.


Before we can get our gin out to our community, one of the final stages of our ginfusion process involves the filtration of our gin to ensure the smoothest finish. We filter our gin into our bespoke Copeland Gin bottles in preparation for hand-bottling and labelling.


Once our Raspberry and Mint bottles are all full they make their way to the bottling workshop, where each Copeland Gin is delicately hand-bottled and labelled reflecting the quality and craftsmanship involved in our method.