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In the Summer of 2019, The Copeland Distillery opened its doors for the first time, signalling the start of a 125-year lease and the beginning of our new journey.

To honour this, The Copeland Distillery is offering 125 casks to reserve for private investors, all of whom will become part of ‘The 125’ Single Cask Edition.

To learn more about how you could become part of 'The 125' please download the brochure.

Our Whiskey

Acknowledging distiller’s past, we are creating whiskey of pure pot still and single malt tradition whilst pushing the boundaries of Irish whiskey to bring new flavour and character to the category.

Using traditional mash tuns and copper pot stills, our new make spirit will be exposed to the finest variety of casks available. We will allow our new make spirit to experience exciting cask finishes and full maturation in Ex-bourbon, Sherry, Port, Wine, Cognac and Rum casks. We are also experimenting with less commonly used casks such as Fino sherry, Amontillado, Palo Cortado and many more.

From our Distiller

Quality, Flavour, Character and Innovation are instilled in everything we here do at the Copeland Distillery. These are the foundations of our production, from sourcing our barley through to the selection of every cask we mature our whiskey in.

We have built a new distillery around our creative young team and the production of spirit full of flavour, character and depth. We plan to bring exciting and innovative spirits to the already growing category of Irish whiskey. Acknowledging our history whilst striving for transparency and innovation, we are the new breed of Irish distillers.

At Copeland distillery, we have the courage and confidence to forge the next chapter in our history and build a legacy for the next generation of distillers. With our first 125 years set in stone, this is only the beginning of our story.


Become the owner of one of the following casks and become a part of the history of The Copeland Distillery.

Ex-bourbon Barrel (Quercus alba)

Our ex bourbon casks are sourced from various distilleries and cooperages in Kentucky, allowing us to select the finest bourbon barrels available. Made from American white oak, charred and seasoned, these casks impart flavours of vanilla, caramel, spice and even leather onto our new make spirit. These casks also give our spirit a creamy texture and a golden colour.

Sherry Butt (Quercus robur)

Ex-sherry casks have the effect of making the whiskey a little drier and spicier to taste, bold notes of orange, almond and raisin all carry through amongst many other flavours. Sherry butts give the spirit a dark amber/red colour.

Port Pipe (Quercus robur)

Port pipes add a spiciness to the contents of the cask, dried fruits and a slight dryness. The casks provide a dark red colour to the spirit.

First Fill Quarter casks (Quercus alba)

First fill quarter casks are made by taking segments of a barrel and building them to make a smaller cask, allowing for a quicker maturation as the surface area increases. As these are made from bourbon barrels, they impart the same flavours including, vanilla, caramel, spice etc. You can upgrade your first fill quarter cask to a small sherry cask of approx. 125 litres (additional cost of £500 sterling)


Certificate of Ownership

After purchasing a cask, the owner is presented with a personalised Copeland Distillery Cask Owner’s Certificate. The whiskey is allowed to mature in The Copeland Distillery partnering warehouse under bond for at least 5 years where it is carefully watched by the Copeland Distillers.

Distillery Visits

All cask owners will be able to visit the distillery, free of charge, during the maturation of their whiskey where private casks will be available for viewing. Please be mindful that Copeland is a working distillery so booking is required and appointments are subject to our operational requirements.

Cask Samples

Cask samples are available on request (charges will apply) and may be sent internationally although there may be international restrictions in some countries and duty may be payable. Owners are responsible for clearing the sample through customs and paying duty as appropriate.

Bottling Options

After 5 years, the Head Distiller will be able to advise the owner when the cask is ready for bottling. At this point, final payment will be due for Excise Duty/ bottling (if not pre paid) and 20% VAT (Value Added Tax). Payment must be made before the cask can be removed from bond.

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