Rhuberry Gin - Copeland Spirits
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Rhuberry Gin

Our Copeland Rhuberry Gin was the first amongst our ginfusion recipes to be created.

Two years ago, when exploring the fields and hedgerows of County Down foraging for fresh and exciting ingredients, Gareth came across a farmer called Finlay. Finlay's farm boasted a range of high quality fruits, including a field full of crisp, sweet rhubarb. This bright red floral plant caught his attention. It just so happened that grown next to the rhubarb was a row of deep purple blackberry bushes. Gareth went with his heart and knew that this would be the first of the Copeland Infusions.

It was through the creation of this gin that our philosophy was formed. Copeland Ginfusions would be produced using only the highest quality fruits grown locally County Down. We would infuse these fruits into our premium base spirit to deliver a surprising, fresh and exciting artisan product that was a true reflection of our heritage and country.

The botanicals we use in our base gin have been carefully selected to compliment the local fruit botanicals which we source from the fields of County Down, with every bottle traceable back to that local farmer.

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Rhuberry Gin - Copeland Spirits

Tasting Notes


Structured and balanced with juniper and pronounced cinnamon, mingled with sweet rhubarb and blackberry fruit


Forward with fresh blackberry and rhubarb fruit, subtle juniper with undertones of cinnamon and coriander, finishing full with lasting juniper and even more fruit.

Cocktails using Rhuberry Gin

Our Process

Rhubarb & Blackberry Picking

We carefully and delicately select only the highest quality of Rhubarb and Blackberries to infuse into our gin. Finlay's Farm in Northern Ireland boasts idyllic weather conditions, farming structures and an incredibly talented farmer which means we can ensure our product is premium.

Stewing & Maceration

We cut and stew our rhubarb and blackberries on a low to medium heat allowing the juices and flavours to bubble before macerating the mixture in preparation for infusion.


We allow our gin, a combination of our premium base spirit and fresh fruits, to infuse for a total of 8 days, delicately stirring ever other day to ensure flavours make it to all corners of our stil.


Following the 8 day infusion process, we take a sneak peek and taster of our newly infusion gin batch and