Winter Limited Edition Spiced Apple & Blackcurrant - Copeland Spirits
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Winter Limited Edition Spiced Apple & Blackcurrant

Copeland Spiced Apple & Blackcurrant Gin was the first of our Limited Edition range to surprise our consumers. We created a winter spiced wonder by combining blackcurrants and spiced apple, two very prominent fruits amongst the fields and hedgerows of County Down during the winter season.

The combination of the fresh apples and blackcurrants, grown on Finlay's Farm, produce a deep red tone within the bottle. This one is best consumed as a hot toddy.

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Winter Limited Edition Spiced Apple & Blackcurrant - Copeland Spirits

Tasting Notes


Christmas spice, mingled with fresh apples and Blackcurrant, locked in with powered cinnamon.


Rich with Blackcurrant fruit, spiced apple and Cinnamon, leaving the mouth confused and looking for more.

Cocktails using Winter Limited Edition Spiced Apple & Blackcurrant

Our Process

Apple & Blackcurrant Picking

We aim to deliver a field to bottle experience with each of our gins and our Spiced Apple and Blackcurrant certainly reflects a County Down winter in a bottle. We pick our blackcurrants a little earlier in the year to make sure we get the ripest, juiciest fruits. We then pick our apples a little later in the autumn time in preparation for one of our busiest periods in the gin making calendar - Christmas.

Stewing & Maceration

We spice our apples and then gently cook our blackcurrants before macerating and infusing both into our premium base spirits.


We allow our Spiced Apple & Blackcurrant Gin to infuse for a total of eight days, turning and mixing the fruit every few days allows us to control and instil quality into every bottle.


Once our gin has infused for eight days we will have a small taste to ensure the spices and sweetness of our gin is at the desired levels and then we filter our gin into our bespoke Copeland Gin bottles in preparation for hand-bottling and labelling.


As with our other gins, we hand-bottle and label each of our Limited Edition Spiced Apple & Blackcurrant bottles. Being our Winter Limited Edition, you will usually find the team in the bottling workshop with the festive tunes on in the background. A Winter delight for those cold December evenings.