Copeland's Classic Irish Gin - Copeland Spirits
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Copeland's Classic Irish Gin


Copeland's Traditional Irish Gin features 12 carefully selected organic & fair wild botanicals including Pine Needles, Cubeb Berries, Orange Peel, Lemon Peel and some locally sourced flora from local islands including Sea Pink Maritima.

Copeland's Classic Irish Gin - Copeland Spirits

Our Process

Selecting our botanicals.

Our 12 carefully selected Organic & Fair Wild Botanicals are weighed out and peeled fresh for every distillation.

Steeping our botanicals.

They are then steeped at room temperature in our single source grain spirit at 52% for a minimum of 15 hours before charging the still with all the ingredients.

Adding navel orange.

Once the still has been charged, we add fresh orange peel to add that punch of our navel oranges.

We start cooking.

We then start the distillation process, where we slowly heat the still and let the undesired heads cut accumulate before making the cut into 'hearts' the only part of the spirit that makes its way into our bottle.

Collect the heart of our gin.

After collecting the hearts, we cut the spirit back to 45% using pure water and let the spirit breath and mellow out for 7 days before it is bottled.

Ready to bottle.

We hand bottle each of our Copeland Classic Gins into our bespoke bottle that features a a maritime compass cork, derived from a 1700 Nautical Chart.

Tasting Notes

On the Nose

Leading with loud waxy Juniper, caramelized orange peel & sweet spice

On the Palate

Piney Juniper followed with caramelized orange and a long lingering subtle spice that coats the tongue

Cocktails using
Copeland's Classic Irish Gin