More than just a gin company.

More than just a gin company.

We are more than just gin.

We started out as a university project at Ulster University. This project was driven by a passion, and that passion has remained with us throughout our entire journey.

Our passion was to create something unique that reflects and supports our heritage, ambitions and experience here in Northern Ireland. We did just that. Our first product was a natural gin-fusion spirit that was made using local fruits from the fields and growers of County Down, Northern Ireland. We wanted to redefine the craft and consumption of gin in a way that would challenge the status quo and bring innovation to our customers. That passion is at the forefront of what we do today. But we knew that 'just making gin' wasn't enough to fulfil this passion and so we started exploring other ways we could use our brand and our people to continue to drive this passion. Why? Because we are proud of our heritage, our place and our people. We are more than just a gin.

And who are we you ask?

  • We are Northern Irish.
  • We are a local team who all grew up between the coast of Donaghadee and the mountain's edge of the Mournes.
  • We are hardworking individuals with a common goal.
  • We care about local business, local produce, local communities and local people.
  • We care about the fields of County Down and the coastline that borders it.
  • We care about supporting the development of Northern Ireland.
  • We care about quality and experience.
  • We care about what you think.
  • We are about you...
    ...we care about Northern Ireland.

In a era where uncertainty, instability and competition are rife we recognise the importance of supporting the community, the land and the development of Northern Ireland. We aim to do this in more ways than just gin.

We do our best to support initiatives and movements that we believe align with our values and who we think will best benefit from our collaboration. Of course we cannot partake in everything and much of the time we have to say no. Like any business or organisation we have certain barriers that make it difficult to say yes, these barriers range from limited business resources, time and people to ethical and regulatory compliances. But where possible we will always try our best to help directly or find alternative ways in which we can support any charitable, social or local movement or activity.

We spend a lot of our time working with other local businesses exploring ways in which we can support them and help them develop further. Sometimes this comes from direct gin related activities such as educating organisations and teams on the gin industry and history of gin, or by collaborating with organisations in ways that support production, development or brand awareness. We have hosted a number of local gin tastings in and around County Down, we've supported cultural events such as Focal and this year's upcoming Killyleagh Food & Drink Festival and we've devoted specific training days to establishments across Belfast and the greater area where we focus on ways in which gin can be used in and across their activities.

Anyone who knows us and our story will know that we are named after the Copeland Islands, a set of three islands located of the coast of Donaghadee. Recently, one of the Copeland Team members has been spending time on the island helping the community with various tasks and maintenance of the islands. This act of support came from a personal passion to learn more about the history of the islands and to indeed support the continuation of the history being made on the island. In return, those who inhabit the island very kindly allowed us to hoist our Copeland Flag high above the beautiful landscape. This may seem like a small act of kindness but to us is has a huge impact.

Other, perhaps smaller ways, in which we aim to support organisations and people across NI is by listening, talking and sharing with one another. We love hearing stories of success, as well as stories of struggle. We aim to provide a platform of support, a place where we can come and share our tips, tricks and terrible disasters. We take this further in our community by delivering presentations and discussion panels in universities and by attending many economical and social events. We believe that when we all come together as one, we can make a real change and impact across NI.

We are proud of our origin and our continued story, but we are extremely proud of all that we are achieving outside of the gin making activities.

If you, or anyone you know, wants to get in contact regarding any future collaborations or ideas you think we should and could get involved me, please head to the contact form and send us a message. We would love to hear from you.