Copeland Gin, the gift for all!

Copeland Gin, the gift for all!

Christmas with Copeland

Are you feeling the pressure of what to get your family members for Christmas this year? Copeland's got you covered!

We understand the stress involved this time of the year racing around trying to find the perfect present for mum and dad, granny and grandpa or brothers and sisters-in-law! So we thought we would make things easier for you this year by encouraging you to buy local gifts that can be shared amongst the family on Christmas Day - a bottle of Copeland Gin does just that.

Copeland isn't like your classic bottle of plonk you find hiding under the Christmas Tree come 5pm on Christmas Day, no no, Copeland Gin is much more special and can go much further than your standard G&T.

Copeland is a lovingly handcrafted bottle of spirit that has been created using the fresh and local fruits from the fields of County Down, perhaps even from fields close to you.

We have carefully selected the fruits in our gin to compliment our base botanicals and to give you a spirit that serves both the traditional and new-era gin drinkers while adding an element of surprise to each sip, particularly at this time of the year.

So instead of rushing around town on Christmas Eve trying to find the perfect fitting pressie, remove the hassle and shop local for a bottle of Copeland at one of our outlets.

Choosing to shop local this year doesn't only mean your family are receiving a thoughtful gift, but we are too! Without our local community we wouldn't be where we are today and wouldn't have had such a successful 2018.

Christmas Gift Ideas 2018

Copeland Gin is the perfect stocking filler for the older deserving elves this Christmas. Stockings aren't just for the kiddies this time of the year.

Why not treat mum and dad to a Copeland gift set; a bottle of Copeland Gin and two branded glasses.

Or, if like us, you're feeling extra generous this year, surprise the whole family with their own gifted bottle of Copeland.

Merry Christmas Copelanders.

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